A trip to Ulting Wick in pictures

On Sunday I took my first ever trip to Ulting Wick and (at the same time) first ever NGS (national garden scheme) open garden visit. I only discovered both of these because of my use of twitter which has again brought new and interesting gardens into my life. 

The primary display for this weekend were the tulips – 10,000 have been planted to make this a real stunner packed with colour. That said there is plenty more to see over the site which covers 8 acres (as listed on the NGS website) which includes: a stream and pond, meadows, woodland, vegetable patch and of course several flower beds. I have seen that 701 people visited on that day, which is a good number, and even when at its peak, the garden did not feel crowded; for me an important thing. The other major note for the day was the tally raised for charity which came in at just under £6,200 – a fantastic figure!

Onto the pictures! Starting off with the Tulips.

You have to agree that there was a stunning selection – I did not get them all so this is a snapshot of what was there to enjoy.

Next up a few of the other flowers.

The last group of images are just various other plants or features I picked out, again a small number given what was to be seen.

All in all a great display and a lovely chance to look around a private garden due to the owners generosity. Not only this, but in doing so you are donating to charity making it a win win for everybody.

While there I had the pleasure to bump in to a few fellow twitters and was able to put a few faces to names. Those being ‘Suffikboi‘, ‘Toboldlygrow‘ & ‘Gardeningshoe1‘ – if you dont follow these folks you really should be!

Not to forget seeing ‘Loujnicholls‘ – the head gardener who was charging around the plant sale area doing a grand job. I think as she survived the day there must have been time to breathe in there somewhere. Of course there was the added bonus of ‘GardenBarbara‘ being on site selling and signing copies of here latest book ‘Secret Gardens of East Anglia’. I have a copy now waiting with my parents for my birthday in a couple of weeks so have to be patient until then. Very much looking forward to seeing what other treasures are unearthed by Barbara in the book and then making plans to visit them all!

Last up, a big thank you to ‘UltingWick‘ and her husband for opening the garden and allowing us all to enjoy the space they have created. I look forward to visiting again in the summer to see what delights will be revealed.


  1. Aw it looks lovely & seemingly blue skies it couldn’t have been more better planned ☺️ What a gorgeous display of tulips & wonderful news on how much it has raised! A lovely look into an NGS garden.


    1. It was a fairly hot day and the garden did give a lovely display. Hard to do full justice with images – especially with me being fussy about not having people in my pictures. Will definitely be visiting more in the future.


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